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Garter Snake Den Removal


Snake Proofing Services


An established den, or hibernacula, is difficult to remove. Call us when you first observe them in your yard and around your house. The longer the hybernacula is there the larger it becomes and the tougher it is to remove. Get rid of dens as soon as you become aware of them if they are causing problems.

Call CWC at 952-212-0843 for an inspection, site evaluation and a full consultation regarding your options.

If you purchased a home in the last two years and find yourself with a garter snake problem, with a properly documented site evalualtion you may be able to get money back from the sellers if they did not disclose the infestation to you the buyers. We offer a professionally written report detailing the inspection including what costs might be associated with removing the problem.

We have provided professional wildlife consulting to home owners and law firms - representing both buyers and sellers, in resolving such disputes.


If snakes are regularly sunning themselves on top of the landscaping rock or garden mulch around the foundation of your home you might have a snake den to deal with. Watch for activity like snakes entering holes or gaps under front stoops, cement steps, sidewalks and concrete driveways.

If you've found a garter snake in your basement more than once this might be an indication that there is a den in the foundation.


More information can be found on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Website.

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