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Call us when you first observe snakes around your home. An established snake den is difficult to remove. The longer the hybernaculum is there the tougher it is to remove. Call CWC at 952-212-0843 for an inspection and consultation.

If you find snakes regularly sunning themselves on your property you might have a snake den to deal with. If you find yourself with a yard full of snakes it is very likely that you have a snake den on your property.

We can get rid of your snakes and find the hole where they came from. Sometimes the den entrance, or hole, might be a gap or crack in the concrete. Snakes often den under cement stoops, steps or stairs.

Ask about our snake proofing services for your house, garage and foundation.


The common garter snake is one of the most well known snakes in Minnesota. They live in many different rural and suburban areas and are found on hilltops, along rivers, in backyards, under cement driveways & steps and sometimes in and along a home's foundation. Garter Garden Gartner Snake Den yard Property Trap Remove


General description: This harmless, medium-sized snake is often found near ponds. Its black and yellow stripes are distinctive.  It will, however, bite anything that tries to pick it up.

Length: Adults grow to about 2 feet long.


The western fox snake is a large snake with big, dark blotches. It is found mainly along the St. Croix, Mississippi, and Minnesota rivers. The western fox snake doesn't look anything like a fox. It got its name because when it is handled it gives off a musky odor similar to that of a red fox.


General description: This long snake has large, dark splotches on most of its body and dark rings on its tail. In young western fox snakes, the head has a black line from the eye to the jaw, and another across the top between the eyes. Western fox snakes do not have rattles.

Fox Snake Rattles Tail Den Trapping Removal Yard Grass property

Size: At 35 to 56 inches from head to tail tip, the western fox snake is among Minnesota's longest.

Color: The background color of the western fox snake is yellow to dark brown. The markings are brown or black. The western fox snake's belly is yellow with black marks. Adults have an unmarked bronze colored head.

Sound: Although it lacks rattles, the western fox snake can make a rattily sound when it shakes its tail. It also may hiss when threatened.


This tiny, nonvenomous snake, also known as the redbelly snake, is Minnesota's smallest snake. It is found through the state, in woods or sandy areas near sources of water. It gets it name from its most distinguishing characteristic--its bright red or pink underside.

 Identification Red Bellied Belly Snake Black Small Yard Grass Property Basement

General description: About the size of a large nightcrawler, the redbelly snake is brown or gray. It has lengthwise stripes on top and a red belly below.

Size: Redbelly snakes grow to 7 to 10 inches.

Color: Redbelly snakes come in two color variations. One is brown or reddish-brown with a single lighter stripe. The other is gray with four dark stripes. Both have red undersides.


The bullsnake is a big snake found in open areas of Minnesota where there are sandy soils. It lives throughout North America in prairie lands and open forests. This snake, which often feeds on burrowing mammals, is not venomous.

Identification  Bull Snake

General description: The bullsnake is a large snake that has yellow-brown to cream colored skin and black and brown markings. Its belly is light brown. The bullsnake has a small head and a large nose shield, which it uses to dig.

Length: Adults may grow to five feet or more.

Sounds: A hissing noise. Because it vibrates its tail, the bullsnake is sometimes mistaken for a rattlesnake.


Other less common snakes in Minnesota:

Black rat snake

Brown snake

Eastern hognose snake

Milk snake

Northern water snake

Plains garter snake

Ringneck snake

Smooth green snake

Thank you to the MN DNR for contributing to the above information

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