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Odorless Skunk Removal


Striped Skunk


Skunks are not at all uncommon in Minnesota. They can be found near houses, at home in yards, barns, garages and can be found living under porches and cement stoops or steps. Their den sites are almost always underground. Although most skunks if left a lone are non aggressive, they are known carriers of the rabies virus and should be given a wide birth when encountered.

Skunks, sometimes referred to as a civic or pole cat, are active all year long in Minnesota. Their mating season starts early usually in January or February.

If you find that you have a skunk den on your property or are experiencing problems with skunks feel free to give CWC a call at 952-212-0843. You will more than likely want to get rid of skunks as soon as you notice them.

Skunks can be professionally removed without them spraying their foul smelling musk.  It is strongly suggested that you do not try to remove or dispatch a pest skunk without seeking professional help.

If a skunk has sprayed CWC does have odor neutralizers for some applications.


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