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Den Removal

Professional Fox and Coyote Den Removal


MN DNR Permit #2013-III-09

Coyote Den Entrance View Inside Coyote Den 
Exterior coyote den entrance dug into side of a bluff Interior view of coyote den dug into side of bluff 


Coyote Den Inside Fallen Tree Fallen Log Den 
Exterior coyote den entrance dug into fallen tree Close up of coyote den inside fallen tree 

Coyote and Red Fox will den anywhere they feel safe to do so. The traditional den sites would be in a ravine, a cave, an uprooted tree, a hollowed out log or in a ditch where there is low pressure from the environment.

A Red Fox den will typically be found in closer to homes and yards. The Coyote is very territorial and will chase away the red fox. Subsequently the red fox often chooses to move in very close with people in an attempt to populate areas it thinks the coyote will avoid.

Due to the extremely adaptable and tenacious nature of these wild canines, coyote and fox have no hesitancy locating their den on private property often in very close proximity to humans. It is not uncommon for landowners to find a coyote or fox den under an out building, a garage, porch, a small shed or even a large commercial building.

Pups are usually born in the months of April and May. But it is another two to three weeks before the pups will emerge from the den. This is often the time when problems start for the unlucky landowners. The demand for food is high and pressure to find food for the pups is a constant task for the adults. Coyote and fox will eat dog food from bowls left on porches, squirrels, rabbits and domestic pets with cats being the preference.

Call CWC to remove or relocate a den before problems increase. If a child or domestic pet is injured and the landowner was aware of the den but took no action liability may become a serious issue.

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