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The Pigeon, or Rock Dove, is classified as an invasive species. This simply means the bird was not native to North America but was brought over to this continent by humans from other countries.

Pigeon droppings not only produce a foul odor but create an eye sore many property owners would rather due without. These droppings can slowly deteriorate concrete, metal and other materials.

Pigeons carry diseases and parasites. Many of which are a threat to human health.

CWC traps and removes pigeons, including nest removal, that are creating a health hazard and property damage with their droppings.  CWC installs bird netting, bird barriers, bird spikes, bird slide and other roost inhibitors.  The installations of scare devices are also available to supplement the roost inhibitors.

If you are looking to get rid of a flock of nuisance pigeons on or near your building or home, call CWC at 952-212-0843 for further information.

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