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 Opossum Trapping & Removal


Opossum on Branch

North America's Only Marsupial

In Minnesota Opossum can have from 2 to 16 babies in a litter.  Although, they average about 8. They have 50 teeth, the most found in any other American wildlife.

Opossum carry a parasite that causes great harm to a horse's central nervous system.

You can reduce the risk of the disease called EPM or Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis by reducing opossum feces in the horse's environment.

Although not known as a big rabies vector species, opossum can carry and transmit the rabies virus.

Opossums can be found in attics, barns, garages, tree cavities, brush piles and in many other areas of your property. It is best to have these pests trapped and removed from your property.

Opossum have been known to destroy farm poultry, wild game birds, and their nests.

Although opossum mainly eat animal matter and carrion, they also eat vegetables, fruits and grains. You may even find them visiting your compost pile, garbage cans and pet food dishes.


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