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Squirrels, Raccoons and other wildlife are well settled into their den sites.  Unfortunately many of these den sites will be found in and sometimes under, our homes, buildings, basements, attics and walls.

Why does wildlife choose to make their dens in our house?  Usually because that is where they were born.  The animals are simply exhibiting behavior taught to them by their parents. Most pest animals that den in structures were born in a structure.

Squirrels and raccoons are the biggest offenders.  Home owners should call a professional when they first hear noises in their attics, ceilings, walls or basements. Get rid of unwanted house guests as soon as you become aware of them.

The sooner the animal is removed, the less damage it can do. Trapping and removal is almost always required.

Squirrels, raccoons, bats and other animals can make a big mess in a short time.  In addition to fouling up the area in and around their den site they can do extensive damage by chewing a structures' wood, wiring and other materials.

If you hear noises or see holes that shouldn't be there call a professional wildlife control technician who can inspect a home or building to determine if an animal has taken up residence.  They can further recommend options for removal and repair.

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