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Muskrat Damage Control & Removal


Muskrat Trapping and Removal Muskrat Trap and Remove

Muskrats, like most rodents can multiply quickly.  They burrow into lake, pond and marsh banks and hollow out a chamber underground yet above the waterline.  Anytime the waterline rises, the rodents dig further in and up.  Soon the shoreline develops sinkholes and eventually the entire bank gives way caving in from the simple weight of gravity leaving an unsightly uneven area of ground; your ground.

Spring and Autumn are the best times to catch muskrats.  A small pond can host from two to two hundred muskrats depending on available food sources and duration the rodents have occupied the area.

Call CWC and schedule to have your muskrat population put under control now.  Begin having your muskrat population managed this year before they have a chance to expand their dens, tunnel systems, population levels and damage.

Trapping can remove many muskrats and help maintain the integrity of your shoreline and landscaping.  But don't worry there will always be a few muskrats swimming by in the early evening for the enjoyment of animals watchers.


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