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Moles are insectivores.  They eat earthworms, grubs, larva and other insects.  Many people think the moles are eating the roots of their grass as they look at the tunnels just beneath the surface of dead grass which meanders in a haphazard line across their lawn. 

But in fact moles rarely eat vegetation.  The grass dies from dehydration due to the moles tunneling and underground activity to find insects to eat.  The mole severs the grass roots as it travels.

Unfortunately mole tunnels also provide an opportunity for voles, field mice and others.  These critters may use the mole tunnels to gain easy access to their food source, the roots of plants and trees.  They will chew on and eat the roots and may cause minor to permanent damage to the plant or tree.

Moles do not hibernate.  They are active throughout the winter and summer. 

The best time to catch moles is in the spring, summer and fall.  The extreme temperatures of winter cause the mole to use deeper tunnels.  A mole tunnel system can have three levels each at different depths.

A mole is capable of doing a lot of damage to your lawn in the form of dead grass, a torn up lawn and ugly dirt mounds.  A one acre yard heavily damaged by moles may have been done by the work of only two or three moles.

Get rid of your moles now and stop the damage.

We can help solve mole problems for residential, commercial and Golf Courses.

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