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Squirrel Trapping and Removal


Gray Squirrel 

Squirrels can do a lot of damage in a short period of time.

The eastern gray squirrel is Minnesota's most common squirrel.  They are fun to watch with their seemingly endless amounts of energy.

Unfortunately more and more gray squirrels are born inside a home or building.  That being the case, when the time comes for that gray squirrel to have a litter of their own; they instinctively seek out a house that has weathered a bit, making access to the attic all too easy.

Squirrels do a lot of damage to homes.  When they take up residence in an attic or ceiling space they almost immediately begin chewing their pathways and holes to make their new home more squirrel friendly.  Typically the squirrels will chew a straight line from one end of a side wall to the other end of the same wall; chewing a hole at both ends. This helps the squirrel's escape from predators more easily.

Many a home has suffered power outages and even fires started by these pests chewing through the home's wiring. In the process, they also compromise the structural integrity of the house. If a wood two-by-four happens to be in their preferred line of travel they will chew a notch right out of the stud without hesitation.

Gray squirrels can get into walls and basements as well. Damage can be just as severe in these places if not worse.

Get rid of your pest squirrels now. They can be live trapped, removed and relocated putting a stop to further damage.

If the homeowner ignores the noises coming from the attic or walls they will be dealing with a nest and a litter of baby squirrels, and more damage, in the spring; and on occasion a second litter in the fall.

If you hear noises in your attic, walls, ceiling, basement or chimney call CWC Conley's Wildlife Control at 952-212-0843 to perform a site inspection right away. The longer a squirrel is in your home the more damage will result.


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