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Golf Ponds, Shoreline & Muskrat Bank Dens


Muskrats become a nuisance when they begin burrowing into the banks of water holes & water front shore line. They dig these burrows below the surface of the water and extend them on an upward slant until a den chamber is hollowed out above the water line.

A rise in the pond water level will force muskrats to dig even higher into the banks weakening the ground above even further. Eventually the den can collapse causing a sink hole resulting in lawn and property damage. These sinkholes can go unnoticed for years until they cave in or someone steps through into the burrow.

Muskrat Den Illustration 

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The placement of stone rip-rap along the inner face of the pond and along the banks will help somewhat to deter the muskrats.

However muskrats can simply dig the beginning of their tunnel entrances out beyond the rip-rap. This type of tunnel is extremely difficult to find because they are much further out in the water hole. The entrance may even begin under a rock amongst the rip-rap.

Muskrats can be hunted or trapped & removed. The most effective times to manage the populations are either late in the evening or during the early morning hours. Trapping & removal has proven to yield the best results. The best time to hunt or trap will be in the very early Spring and again in Autumn.



CWC can locate the entrances, tunnels and dens for the grounds superintendent.  With this information the superintendent can begin repairing the damage that was done to the course in a more effective manner.

Muskrat populations must be managed.  Gone unchecked, the furry rodents can and will take over your water holes.

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