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Golf Course Muskrat Beaver Mole Removal 

Meeting the needs of golf course wildlife management can be a daunting task.

You are required to keep the entire course in a state of serenity. And you have to maintain these serene fairways preferably leaving behind the smallest footprint possible.

To make matters even more of a challenge, every animal in a five-mile radius has chosen to live on your clubs' grounds.

With no real animal control program in place eventually the animal population will get out of hand. Then fixing the problem suddenly becomes a very big project.

Ugly sections of green turf torn up by moles, muskrats, raccoons, skunks and other critters can hurt golf course reputations.

Moles or Muskrats makes no difference, wildlife management programs are custom tailored to meet your needs. 

Water Holes are one of the greatest challenges. Muskrats tunnel extensively near the waters’ edge. These holes are unsightly and this only gets worse as the population of this prolific rodent increases. Further, this tunneling weakens the bank of the water hole.   

As the muskrat continues to enlarge it's hollowed out underground cavity, the entire area of the bank can collapse resulting in a very ugly eye-sore for your course.

Digging out the cavity and filling it back in will not make the problem go away.  The sink hole will continue to settle resulting in an uneven, unstable area of ground.

To make matters worse, the muskrats remember that they had a den there and will simply resume digging back in once things have quieted down.  And all the stones and crushed rock in the county won't deter these rodents.  They will simply dig around and under them.

And then you have...

Racoons and Skunks digging up turf in search of food.

Squirrels digging small holes everywhere.

Groundhogs, or Woodchucks digging burrows and eating the flowers.

And the Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) attracked to the best grass around for miles. A beautiful animal if it weren't for the fact that each adult goose leaves one pound of scat on the fairway per day.


CWC has a wildlife control program to meet your course's needs. 

We tailor design our techniques to fit your course's particular circumstances.