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Migratory geese are a federally protected species.  Non-migratory geese are regulated by the states.

How do you tell the difference between migratory and non-migratory geese? The simplest indicator - If the geese are nesting or have goslings in Minnesota they are non-migratory and with proper permits and proper training you may be able to address your problem.

Most complaints pertain to fecal droppings often limiting the use of public areas. Fecal contamination can also contribute to water pollution and contamination.

Be aware that geese, although seemingly complacent, can injure people who come too close. They have also been know to drown smaller dogs that chase them in the water by acting in groups and stepping on the dog.

Geese can be very aggressive, particularly around breeding and nesting time. ~ Those bills aren't just for feeding...

Canada or Canadian Geese or Goose

Most complaints come from areas with tender young grass like parks, golf courses and well manicured lawns.


Getting rid of geese on your property is no small task. For the latest humane options please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

The longer the geese get established, the more work it can be to convince the geese to move to more suitable grounds.


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