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Chipmunk Population Control




Chipmunks in Minnesota have two litters a year.  One in early March and another between August and October.  Litter size ranges between 2-5 young.  Adults may live up to three years or longer.  Although chipmunks are cute and enjoyable to watch they should always be excluded from buildings where they can and will cause excessive damage.  Trapping has proven to be the best method of removal.

When food is plentiful, such as bird feeders, populations can become artificially elevated due to the increased food supply available. Chipmunks can be bold and confrontational creatures. When their populations become too high chipmunks can suddenly become unwanted pests.

Chipmunk tunnel systems range from 30 to 60 ft in length but can become very complex and intricate when cover is at a minimum.

Tunnel systems can cause structural damage to foundations, retaining walls, driveways and sidewalks.


CWC specializes in helping home owners get rid of chipmunks when they suddenly find themselves over run with nuisance chipmunks.


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