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Professional Beaver Damage Control

Beaver Chewing Tree

CWC are specialists in beaver trapping, removal, control
and roadside ditch abatement.

Emergency Service Available


CWC has trapped and removed nuisance beavers heavily throughout Minnesota. We regularly service the Minnetonka chain of lakes and all throughout Carver county. We specialize in beaver removal, plugged culverts, railroad maintenance and provide beaver solution services in Hennepin, Carver, Scott, McCloud, Sibley and Wright counties. If you have a problem with the great Minnesota flat tail in another county not listed please feel free to call CWC at 952-212-0843 for further information.  We try to service any county in Minnesota that is in need of professional experienced conflict resolution.


Minnesota beaver live in lodges and bank dens. A family unit, referred to as a colony, usually consists of three generations. When the next generation arrives in the spring season the then adult two year olds leave the den to establish a new colony of their own. A new colony may consist of simply a pair of mated two year olds. But a mature colony usually consists of six to twelve beaver. They continue to grow throughout their lifetime and may live up to twelve years old in the wild. Beaver give birth to two to six babies. The babies are referred to as kits. In our area four kits per litter seems to be the norm. The beaver is the largest rodent in North America and second largest in the world.


If you are involved in water and road side ditch management, watershed districts, city / county water control or Railroad Maintenance CWC can help. Please call us for information.


MN DNR Nuisance Wildlife Control Permit.  Full liability insurance. County beaver roadside ditch abatement programs available. Available for special projects.

* Live trapping available by request in certain situations - additional cost and conditions apply.


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