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It's time to bat proof your home or building

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When getting rid of bats from your houses' attic, walls, chimney, or roof consult a professional. Bat proofing must be performed in a very precise order of procedures.

Don't put off getting rid of your bats any longer. Until bat removal and exclusion (prevention from re-entry) has been performed by a professional, bat colonies will return year after year. In some cases, the bat colony never leaves. Instead of flying off to find some warm cave for the winter, bats are now hibernating in our attics. They crawl under the insulation that is in our attics, walls and above our ceilings to keep warm. 

Much prep work must be done on the home or structure before the bat colony can be evicted.  Stop the noises, stop the damage, stop the health risks associated with having bats in your home call CWC now at 952-212-0843 for more information.

Do you like bats? You are not alone. A single bat can consume between one to three thousand mosquitoes and other insects every night. If you are a bat lover, consider installing a few bat houses on your property. Your attic, walls, chimney and roof are no place for bats. It is not worth the health risk to the home's occupants.

If bitten by a bat contact the Minnesota Health Department.

Minnesota Department of Health \ Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Prevention & Control Division - (651) 201-5414

For information about having an animal tested call the U of M's Vet Diagnostics Lab at (612) 625-8787

To download the required form that is to be filled out when an animal is submitted visit their website at Veterinary Diagnostic Lab.

More information on bats.

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