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Trap Remove & Get Rid Of 13-Lined Ground Squirrels

13 Lined Ground Squirrel

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Thirteen lined ground squirrels are often mistaken for gophers.  That's OK.  The University of Minnesota Gopher's mascot is the gopher.  But if you look again you'll see that it is actually a, you guessed it, 13 striped ground squirrel.

Having a few of these cute little critters around the yard is a pleasure.  They are fun to watch.

Having large colonies of these critters can wreck havoc on properties, gardens and landscaping.  They can damage irrigation systems, foundation walls and even effect crop harvest.

They are often confused with pocket gophers. Both can cause landscaping damage and crop loss. 13-lined ground squirrels dig clean holes in both tall grass and short manicured lawns. The rodent leaves no dirt mound. It carries away the excess dirt to draw less attention to its burrow entrance by preditors.

Don't let your lawn yard or property become overrun by these cute little pests.  Call CWC Conley's Wildlife Control at 952-212-0843 for a site evaluation.



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